Monday, June 8, 2009

no upgrade for iphone 3g users

So Apple's shiny new iPhone 3Gs ships 19 june in Canada. However, Rogers has stated that there is no upgrade or plan extension possible for existing iPhone 3G users. The upgrade is only possible for persons completing the second year of their contract. well since we only got our phones a year ago, this is just impossible. Unlike our cousins in the US who could had the opportunity to pay a higher price for the phone to get a 2 year contract and thus an upgrade opportunity this year, we are frozen out until next year.

My guess is that the new iPhone will flop in Canada. All the apple fanboys who wanted one, bought one during the frenzy last year. new iphone 3gs contrcts will be incrimental at best - especially with current 3g being $99. I also predict that in another year when we can upgrade, we will take the opportunity to take the "next" iphone.


Maria said...

Yes there is no upgrade for iPhone 3G users and One more thing still in iPhone 3GS no flash camera and Adobe reader...I am also not sure Can I use different VoIP apps like Vopium which I downloaded from iTunes last month.

Mikester said...

true that there is not adobe reader, but i can read/display pdf documents without a hitch. Flash however is another animal all together. :(

the new camera is very cool - that for me would be worth the upgrade, but I can understand why some will not wan to do it