Saturday, July 12, 2008

online order...asif

so last nite. home. tired. iphone-less. I returned back to my lair. My wife said that she she could order it online. No Way. I would have done that if I knew that it was available. incredibly, I signed onto joy! I can set up a delivery date so that I can get my phone. started the process and when I got ot the new number section the site died with technical difficulties. I hope its fixed soon because chasing the delivery of phones is going to be a huge waste of time.

For the life of my I cannot understand why Rogers and Apple would not take pre-orders or simplify the online delivery process. you get a batch of orders, know what needs to be delivered and minimize the inventory problems. not to mention, I would have been totally happy knowing that my phone that I have waited nearly 2 years to materialize was on its way. sigh

Friday, July 11, 2008

more on the launch day shortage

seems we arent the only ones getting shorted. . Somewhat comforting to know that we aren't the only ones.

Shortage as predicted

Well the shortage was as predicted. The Rogers plus in Kitchener got 24 units total. 6 were 16GB. the Rogers video outlets got 6 units 2 16GB. In the area there are 7 vide stores meaning they got 42 units, and 3 Plus stores receiving 72 units for a grand total of 114 units for a city population 350,00. Scaling that it seems that Canada received just 10,000 launch day units.

And yes, the activation problems are woeful. The first in line customer was still awaiting activation at 11:00am. uh oh.