Wednesday, September 5, 2007

iTunes Music Store Customer Service - Brilliant

Just a note on how great iTunes customer service can be. Usually when you talk with customer service its hell. Customer service for most providers of anything is painful, gutwrenching and filled with dread even before you start because of the impending sense of incompetence and indfference you expect to receive. Not so with iTunes Music Store. Read on.

I was rifling through the store when I realized an artist I liked had their catalog up on iTunes. I looked at the prices. 0.99. DRM! such is life. so I purchased them. The next day I was surfing iTunes Plus and there was the album with the tracks I had purchased the day before. Cool. my paradigm speakers will be much happier with the 256k iTunes plus versions. No Dice. No upgrade available. I confirmed there were both sets available but the store wouldnt upgrade them. So I wrote to customer support asking about the problem. they said the DRM version was owned by one corp and the DRM free ones another. Because of this the store couldnt link and figure out to upgrade them. However, they would refund my account for the purchases so that I could purchase the DRM Free ones instead. they even included a link so that I wouldnt make the same mistake twice?

Are you kidding me???!?! thoughtful and helpful ? They could have told me to spend the $3.39 to buy the DRM free versions in addition to my DRM versions. I am sure Apple spent more than the original $2.97 to process the return, answer the email etc, but this certainly made me an avid customer. For life.

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