Thursday, September 6, 2007

iPhone priced reduction and customer relations

I already posted a testament to Apple and its handling of customer care. But in the wake of the rebate offered to existing customers after the price slash yesterday I am floored. Really. That is simply amazing. A great thing to do.

As an early adopter you know you are going to pay the highest price for a new technology. It will get cheaper or do more for the same money a bit later on. We just have to get used to the fact that the pace of change means that is compressed from what used to be a 6months to a year to just a couple of months. At least iPhone buyers got something...

I bought a 46" samsung 1080P LCD TV in early june for just over $2700 on sale. A steal compared to where 1080P sets were at christmas. last month I saw the same unit on for $1900 - ouch! and a view sonic 1080P 46" unit for $1400. I dont care how good a talker you are, a 50% reduction in price for what the wife calls a fancy TV is hard to explain. I see no cheque in the mail for this or anything else I have bought from any other vendor as prices went down in time from DVD players (remember the early ones were $1000) to computers and all the price changes - as CPU's got faster, monitors got bigger, drivers gained capacity I never expected this to to better.

The old Apple, in the dark times between the reigns of Steve, wouldn't have batted and eye or cared no matter how much people whined about the change in price or capability. It shows how much Apple values us as customers. I am sure I will never see a big cheque from Dell or Microsoft....

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